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Teachers Wanted  

" whether you are a classroom teacher, a budding online teacher or someone operating a coaching classes; you can help students to achieve their goal. "

We are looking for teacher / mentors / coaches who have a passion for education and desire to help children succeed. You will play critical role in re-inventing teaching methods in a supportive environment.

What is iPractice.in ?
iPractice.in is the India’s fastest growing online education provider, we enable each student to progress successfully by practicing until concepts are mastered.

What makes iPractice.in so different?
iPractice.in uses neither a classroom model nor a tutoring approach. It is designed to facilitate self-acquisition of the skills and study habits needed to succeed in exam

What will be your role as iPractice.in’s instructor?
your principle role is to provide the direction, design new testing programs that will guide the student to perform at 100% of his or her potential. we provide excellent compensation.

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