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What is Gift Zone?

Gifts for you

Gift zone will earn you free gifts. All you have to do is sign up for Paid Plan (or free plan), then ask your friends to signup with your Roll No.. when they signup for any one of the Plan, you will get points (please see the table below)

Roll Number
To know your Roll Number, login with your user ID & password and click the Edit profile to view your Roll Number
Plan  points per signup
Plan (Rs.1999.00)  100 points
Plan (Rs.1499.00 - 1998.00)    75 points
Plan (Rs.  999.00 - 1498.00)    50 points
Plan (Rs. 599 - 998.00 )   25 points
Free Plan     1 point

You can claim your rewards as you acquire the points

Points Rewards
100 Parker pen
200 2 GB pendrive
400 Scientific calculator
800 Fast track watch
1600 ipod shuffle, mobile phone
3200 ipod nano, touchscreen mobile phone
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