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Course Dashboard

iPractice course dashboard gives you a up-to-date information about your test prep status.


Online Practice Tests

iPractice's test prep provides you with ample practice Material for all tests. iPractice's Mock exams adhere to the real exam format.


Personalized Report

iPractice continously monitors your progress and give you the most accurate recommendation possible.


Aids Your Daily Study Sessions

iPractice Provides Mock / Subject / Chapter / Topic tests that will make your daily study sessions efficient.


What iPractice students say?

Naresh, Karnataka

″ Brilliant User Interface and different types of question from same topic........ this is really a great way to test ones knowlege ,,,,,it is very imp. for me as it makes me speedy. awesome..″

Theja, Patna, Bihar.

″ The oppertunity to practice wide varity of questions and i got more previous year question papers from this site. most important questions are asked i love to answer all the interior question in it because i got immediate result.″


Whats Included With iPractice's Exam Prep Tool

  • Engineering Entrance Exam prep
  • JEE (Main) | JEE ( Advanced ) | GATE | Karnataka CET
  • Medical Entrance Exams Prep
  • School Board Exam Prep
  • Tamilnadu 12th | Tamilnadu 11th